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The purpose of this site is to tell a tale of three lawyers who have demonstrated questionable ethics and a misuse of power towards their friends and even their clients. There is a great deal of discussion in our nation today about lawyers who hold the population hostage through fear of litigation and have no controls placed upon methods they use to achieve their financial ambitions.

The site showcases our personal experience with these three California lawyers whose unethical, and greedy behavior underscores justification for the following conclusion, namely that lawyers are more interested in money than justice.

Remember these stories when you go to the polls in November 2004. Especially, think about these three lawyers. Look up the voting record of your own senator, and encourage her/him to vote for tort reform, more control on trial lawyers, and the resultant inevitable reduction in medical and product costs to you.

Now let me introduce the actors:

Ralph W. Bastian, Jr.
Multimillionaire Ralph W Bastian, our intimate friend for 30 years, who used his experience as a trial lawyer to cheat and attempt to bankrupt us, Ulrich and Frances Wettstein, for the selfish purpose of achieving personal gain To see his story click on Lawyer 1 - Bastian

John Crowley, of Cyril and Crowley, San Francisco
John Crowley, the "paid whore" (his own words) in the employ of Bastian, who, in spite of knowing that Bastian's lawsuit was frivolous and filed with false allegations, did Bastian's legal dirty work without any visible qualms of conscience. For his story click on Lawyer 2 - Crowley

Susan Marchant Angel of San Rafael, California
Susan Angel, whom we hired to defend us against Bastian's vindictive lawsuit, who never took the time to learn any of the details about our case, consistently billed us for time she never spent, and herself made several errors in her opponent's favor! For her story click on Lawyer 3 - Susan Angel - another unethical lawyer

These three are all members of the same professional community. Even though they were on different sides, were they in collusion with each other?

Trial Lawyers volubly cast themselves in the role of the selfless and objective defenders of the "little guy's rights". The question you should ask yourself is whether or not most trial lawyers can be trusted at all, or if they only want to line their own pockets at everybody else's expense.
Lawyers answer only to their own state Bar Association. We wrote recently to the California Bar Association about two of the above lawyers.Please see letters of complaint California Bar Bastian Complaint 041603, California Bar Bastian Complaint 052403, and Complaint about Angel to Cal Bar Association. Answers to these complaints will be posted here as soon as we receive them.

Follow the links (Sample Letter1, Sample Letter2, Sample Letter3, Sample Letter4) to find some sample letters which you may use to send to your Congressman and Senator voicing your support for tort reform, as your president has urged you to do.

Sample Letter 1
Trial Lawyers openly boast to have US Senate in their pocket

Sample Letter 2
Doctors no longer deliver babies in Florida

Sample Letter 3
Lawyers get 40% of all awards

Sample Letter 4
Populace lives in fear of financial ruin

In a more humorous vein, you may want to take a look at this mock resume (SPOOF) about Bastian which was sent to us in the mail addressed To Whom It May Concern. I offer both for your delectation.

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